Second novel for Darley’s J.T. Brannan

NADV 1402184AM5 Damian Howden. Writer Damian Howden. Picture : Adrian Murray.(1402184AM5)
NADV 1402184AM5 Damian Howden. Writer Damian Howden. Picture : Adrian Murray.(1402184AM5)

Following on from the success of his debut novel, Origins, Darley Author Damian Howden is preparing to launch his second book.

Mr Howden who writes high concept thriller novels under the pen name J.T. Brannan, is hoping his second novel Extinction follow the success of his debut novel Origins which was translated into eight different languages.

“It is so bizarre to see your own book written in Chinese or Japanese, you can’t check it to see if it’s right or the same as what I had written,” said Mr Howden.

Origins sold in excess of 10,000 copies in the UK and reached number 21 in the tesco book charts.

“It was so wierd seeing his book when I was just shopping in the supermarket,” Damian’s wife Justyna said. “I stopped to take a picture of myself pointing at the book on the shelf and people looked at me as if I was crazy.”

The couple live in Darley with their two children Jakub, 5 and Mia, 3. “Jakub is his dad’s biggest fan, if we are in a book shop he will walk up to people and say ‘my daddy wrote this,’ Mrs Howden added.

Damian said it was his wife, who encouraged him to persue his dream of being an author. “I had always been interested in writing and we we got married I was half way through a book and she told me to try and get a literary agent and I did,” he said.

“Getting the idea for the second novel was harder, it isn’t a sequal it’s a stand alone story. I took advice from my agent, the publishing house and my wife on the idea before sitting down to write it.

“I knew I had to try and top the twist at the end of Origin so that was difficult,” he added.

Both J.T. Brannan novels have been published by Headline publishing book.

Mr Howden trained as a British Army officer at Sandhurst, before he suffered an ankle injury. He also teaches Karate ialongside writing.

Extinction will be launched at an event at Waterstones, Harrogate on Thursday 27 Feb, 6 until 8pm.