The Cockpit founder takes on 20 Munros challenge!

Futuresound Events managing director Colin Oliver.
Futuresound Events managing director Colin Oliver.

By Graham Chalmers

He’s one of the biggest players in the Yorkshire music world, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Coldplay’s Chris Martin, but now he’s about to step outside his comfort zone for charity.

Colin Oliver, managing director of independent music promoters Futuresound Events, is about to walk 20 ‘Munros’ in Scotland in just five days.

Colin, who lives in Harrogate, will attempt to conquer some of Scotland’s most spectacular but toughest slopes in the Ben Nevis area from next Monday with the goal of raising money for Martin House Children’s Hospice.

Walking and climbing for 14 hours a day is literally a tall order for this quietly pivotal figure in Yorskhire’s independent music scene.

Although he has some form in facing new challenges, this Yorkshire businessman admits to a deal of trepidation in advance of this ambitious charity venture.

He also admits to usually walking only once or twice a year!

Colin said: “The hardest thing I’ve ever done before is to cycle from Caraca in Venezuela to Lima in Peru but that was a long time ago.

“The only other thing I can think of is our annual Dublin trip where you are challenged to drink 20 pints of Guinness a day!

“I’m a complete novice when it comes to walking or climbing. This has been a big step up for me. Even my experienced support crew are terrified by the scale of it!”

One of the original founders of Leeds’ famous venue The Cockpit which closed last year, Colin isn’t normally one to grab the spotlight but, over the past 20 years, he has quietly brought some of the biggest and hottest new bands to the region.

When it comes to the stars, he’s on a slightly different level to the rest of us.

Colin said: “As you can imagine, I’ve had many nights out with an array of different bands. “I had a great night out in Leeds with Chris Martin of Coldplay and the American band At the Drive In babysat my 18-month-old daughter while I was picking up breakfast from the local supermarket once!”

Next week’s walk will see Colin attempt to average four peaks a day. ‘Munros’ are Scotland’s highest mountains, standing at more than 3,000 feet, named after the man who first catalogued them, Sir Hugh Munro.

It’s a tough goal but Colin’s relationship with the charity he is hoping to raise a total of £8,000 for is a close one.

“As a company, Futuresound Events have supported Martin House over the years. Their entire mission is extremely important but we found the music therapy funding they require particularly resonant.”

If you’d like to support Colin, visit