Tasty live music idea from Ont’ Sofa

Ont' Sofa.
Ont' Sofa.

By Graham Chalmers

The Harrogate multi-media music company which has done so much to keep music real, as they say, is teaming up with a local restaurant for a series of terrifically tasty gigs.

Music & Meatballs sees Ont’ Sofa (Standing up for Real Music) bringing its promotion of fresh talent to The Yorkshire Meatball Company to provide live music sessions at the Harrogate restaurant.

The next event in The Sunday Sessions takes place on Sunday, August 17, with a line-up which includes some of the fastest-rising music talent in the whole of the north.

Tom Peacock, Ned McLelland and Jilly Riley will be taking to the stage in this unique setting. Diners will be able to enjoy live music along with a menu of flatbread and meatball combos for a combined ticket price.

Ont’ Sofa’s Jason Odle said:” It’s great to be working with The YMCo. The Ont’ Sofa team are really excited about the partnership and hope the Sunday Sessions will be the place for chilling out on a Sunday night and checking out top emerging talent.”

The combined food/music experience starts at 6pm on Sunday.

For more information, visit www.theymco.com/our-sounds/ or www.ontsofa.com