Beatles night boost for Northern Aldborough Festival

Flashback to the final night's party at last year's Northern Aldborough Festival.
Flashback to the final night's party at last year's Northern Aldborough Festival.

One of the UK’s most perfectly formed small festivals, Northern Aldborough Festival near Boroughbridge, has been boosted by support from Barclays under its matched funding scheme.

Sir Andrew Lawson Tancred, Chairman of Northern Aldborough Festival said: “We are extremely grateful for the generous support of Barclays, which will provide vital funds to assist the festival with running costs, enabling us to offer better value to our audiences.”

The award was announced by Martin Gerrard, Senior Premier Relationship Manager.

Under the terms of the scheme Barclays’ employees will be offered tickets to the closing night of the festival on Saturday, June 20, which comprises performances by Beatles tribute band, Beatles For Sale and Ripon Grammar School Swing Band, along with orchestrated fireworks in the beautiful grounds of Aldborough Manor.

Martin Gerrard said: “One of the benefits of our Matched Funding Scheme is that at the same time as supporting valuable artistic endeavour in the local community our employees are able to experience and appreciate the results at first hand.

“The Northern Aldborough Festival performances reach many people in the local area and Barclays is delighted to support its work.”

The Northern Aldborough Festival runs until Saturday, June 20 with events taking place in Aldborough and the surrounding area.

Along with the expected big names from classical music and jazz such as pianist Imogen Cooper, jazz trumpeter Guy Barker and violist Maxim Rysanov, a Beatles tribute band are playing on the final night and there will be a cricket match at Staveley between an Authors XI and a Festival XI.

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