Food: Tom van Zeller’s summer fresh recipe

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By Tom van Zeller, restaurateur

In September last year, Tom van Zeller took on an allotment.

He’s been planting away and now has some amazing fresh produce to use in his dishes at home.

One of the easiest and most rewarding crops this summer have been broad beans.

Once Tom prepared the ground and simply placed a few beans, magic bean plants appeared!

He also has peas, beetroot, radishes and more seasonal favourites coming along nicely and this week he is sharing two recipes which use fresh produce from his allotment.

Broad Bean Gazpacho

Serves 4


400g - podded, blanched & Shelled broad Beans

500ml white chicken stock

200ml double cream

1 handful baby spinach leaves

Optional garnishes; broad beans, goats curd, smoked almonds, rapeseed oil and even a poached duck egg


Put the cream & chicken stock into a pan a bring to the boil. Pour into a blender with most of the broad beans and raw spinach - to help keep colour vibrant. Blend until smooth, pass and chill over ice. Correct the seasoning with lemon juice, salt & pepper and a little caster sugar if required.

Serve either chilled or hot.

About Tom

Tom van Zeller is a multi-award winning chef owner of van Zeller Restaurant in Harrogate. For any culinary questions, tweet @van_zellers using #askTom.