Be scared, be thrilled - M R James show at Harrogate Theatre

Classic ghost stories - R M Lloyd Parry of Nunkie Theatre Company.
Classic ghost stories - R M Lloyd Parry of Nunkie Theatre Company.

For anyone frightened and thrilled by A Ghost Story for Christmas on the BBC in the 1970s starring the likes of Denholm Elliott and Robert Hardy, there’s a treat in store at Harrogate Theatre.

The classic series leaned heavily on the scary stories of M R James and two of them are being revived in a dramatic new production which runs from Tuesday, January 20 to Wednesday, January 21.

Presented by Nunkie Theatre Company, two of this Edwardian writer’s most spine-chilling tales are being adapted and acted by acclaimed actor R M Lloyd Parry.

In Casting the Runes a TV show’s producer and cast find themselves threatened by mysterious, malevolent forces after taking the mickey out of Karswell, a famous demonologist.

It’s partnered by one of James’s most neglected masterpieces The Residence at Whitminster in which a dark shadow looms over the precinct of a peaceful English church.

Kent-born James’ unnervingly eerie tales first appeared in print in 1904 and were published, originally, in a series of collections up to 1925.

The spookiness factor of this one-man show should be heightened by its location - the intimate confines of the Studio high up in the theatre above the Circle Bar.

Tickets are available on 01423 502116 or from