Tour de France: Panic buying leaves supermarket shelves empty

Pic by @presty426
Pic by @presty426

Harrogate residents headed to the supermarkets in their droves yesterday, stripping the shelves bare as they stocked up for the weekend ahead.

Pictures Tweeted by Andy Prest (@presty426) from Asda on Bower Road shows rows and rows of empty shelves as disgruntled shoppers struggled to get in their weekly shop.

Joseph Seager (@josephseager) tweeted: “Worst shopping experience of my life. Like a zombie apocalypse is in progress and Asda Harrogate has been raided.”

A spokesperson for Asda said: “Support for the Tour De France has been amazing, and many customers came into our Harrogate store yesterday to stock up on supplies ahead of the weekend. Our shelves have been restocked ready to serve our customers throughout the day.”

The supermarket sweep was repeated at supermarkets across Harrogate.

Sainsbury’s on Wetherby Road was as busy as at Christmas time last night, store manager Steve Thompson said: “It has been significantly busier than we anticipated, we have sold a few more beers than usual, and barbeque food.

“We have been getting everything re-stocked. We will open on Sunday from midday to 6pm so people can shop after the roads re-open.”

He added: “I think people are planning to have family parties, people are excited.”

Adrian Hird tweeted to say the new M&S Simply Food on Leeds Road was also incredibly busy, he said: “The poor staff looked shell shocked!”

Store manager Andrea Watson said: “We have been really busy people are getting all their party food before the weekend.

“There is a great atmosphere, everyone is really enjoying the built up.”