Queen’s artist unveils money, sex, power in Harrogate

Self portrait. Painting by Darren Baker.
Self portrait. Painting by Darren Baker.

By Graham Chalmers

He famously painted The Queen’s portait and is one the UK’s leading, and most collectable, artists - and he has an exhibition in Harrogate right now.

Darren Baker’s first show for two years is called Money Sex Power and runs at the Smart Gallery at Crimple Hall off Leeds Road until Tuesday, November 18.

A graduate of Bradford College, Baker’s list of achievements includes winner of the Garrick Prize, Fine Art Trade Guild Artist of the Year, Official artist to the London Olympics and portrait painter to HM The Queen.

His new collection combines the high technique of the ‘Old Masters’ with a thoroughly modern set of provocative images.

It features a series of drawings and paintings exploring the core forces of money, sex and power by portraying two models and Darren himself in a corridor of images.