‘Myths and Legends’ hit Knaresborough Bed Race

Last year's Knaresborough Bed Race saw teams dress as countries of the world as the event had an Olympic theme (120609M3g)
Last year's Knaresborough Bed Race saw teams dress as countries of the world as the event had an Olympic theme (120609M3g)

Organisers have announced the theme for the 2013 Knaresborough Bed Race.

Runners are set to dress themselves and their beds according to the theme of “Myths and Legends”, in a nod towards Knaresborough’s involvement in tales of the unexpected.

And there is plenty of scope for imagination on the town’s rich history and beyond, organisers at the Lions Club said.

Alan Walgate, Chairman of the organising committee of the Lions Club, said: “Mother Shipton obviously takes pride of place, but we have associations with Robin Hood, King John, Robert the Hermit, the ghostly fishing fleet of the Nidd, murderers of archbishops, attempted bombers of Parliament, homicidal schoolmasters, and more than our fair share of vampires, trolls, witches, warlocks, walled-up cats and countless other-worldly inhabitants of the imagination.

“But we don’t want Bed Race teams to focus just on local matters. As we have found in the past with Bed Race themes, the broader the canvas the better the array for the pageant. We are encouraging entrants to cast the net wide through ancient history – British, Greek, Viking, Roman, Chinese, Egyptian, African, American and Asian.”

This year teams will be able to decide themselves with myth or legend to base their costume on, unlike last year when groups were allocated a country to dress their country as, following the 2012 race’s Olympic theme.

Alan added: “Legends can be old or new. It is amazing who has attracted legendary status from pop stars to sporting heroes, explorers, tribal leaders, local officials, kings, queens and courtiers, road builders and prophetesses. Jack Metcalf and Ursula Southeil would approve, we feel.

“As we have seen for years one of the great attractions for the large number of spectators who flock to the town for Bed Race has been the sheer quality, imagination and variety of the dressed beds and teams. Together with the marching bands, dance groups and supporters they have lent a unique carnival atmosphere to one of the largest amateur sporting events in the country.”

The Great Knaresborough Bed Race will be held on the second Saturday in June, making it Saturday, June 8 in 2013. This will be the 48th year of Bed Race. Entry forms will be available from 1 January 2013 on the event’s website at www.knaresborough.co.uk/bedrace.