Knaresborough author’s gripping untold story of First World War

Karyn Burnham.
Karyn Burnham.

By Graham Chalmers

A Knaresborough author who has written a fascinating untold story of the First World War is taking part in book signing at Waterstones in Harrogate.

Karyn Burnham, who works at Oxfam, will be visiting Waterstones to sign copies of her new book The Courage Of Cowards: The Untold Stories of First World War Conscientious Objectors this Saturday afternoon, May 17.

A history of the untold story of the small number of conscientious objectors during the First World War, The Courage of Cowards draws on previously unpublished archive material.

Using the techniques of fiction writing, Burnham cleverly and movingly reconstructs the personal stories of several men who refused to fight, bringing the reader face-to-face with their varied, often brutal, consequences of their decision.

Karyn said: “The aim of the book is to give the reader a real understanding of what it was actually like for conscientious objectors.

“It is an amazing story. They were prepared to stand by their principles when the whole country, and often their loved ones, were against them.”

Karyn spent years in sales and marketing before giving it up to pursue her passion for writing.

Whilst completing a Ba(Hons) in Literature with the Open University, she volunteered for Oxfam and now balances working for Oxfam with writing.

She has written for Family History Monthly and has recently completed her first novel.

The Courage Of Cowards is published by Pen And Sword and is available in shops and on Amazon now.