Horror movie filmed in area set for VIP showing at Thirsk Ritz

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AS part of the Thirsk Ritz cinema’s 100th anniversary it be hosting on Saturday night a private screening of a film made locally that also stars local people as extras.

The films writer and director approached the Ritz as a venue in order to pay back all the people and businesses in the area involved in the film.

The Ritz was happy to oblige, particularly as the film makers favoured a late night showing allowing the Ritz to run its usual feature the same evening.

The screening of the movie INBRED will take place later in the evening, nearer to the witching hour, which seems suitable due to the film’s dark horror themes – described as “blood-soaked, a deliriously warped nightmare, a demented horror film with nowt taken out”.

Once released the film will be classified 18, suitable only for adults. Perhaps the films catchy strap-line says it all: “They came in peace, they left in pieces.”

The film follows a disparate group of young urban offenders and their care workers as they embark on a community service weekend in the strange, remote Yorkshire village of Mortlake, which prides on keeping itself to itself. A minor incident with some local youths rapidly escalates into a nightmare for all involved.

The local premier is invite only and all those involved should already have been contacted by the filmmakers regarding details for the night.

It’s not everyday that a film is released that has been filmed locally, and stars local folk so the Ritz is very pleased to support the producers in their thank you to the area.

Writer and director Alex Chandon explained the local connections: “The films co-writer, Paul Shrimpton is a postman in Thirsk and his local knowledge was the main reason we filmed here, we used about 50 locals as extras in the film to portray the strange inhabitants of our fictional village of Mortlake.

“We also had 30 or so helpers from the area, and local business helped with the special make-up effects, production offices, catering, travel, accommodation and securing our striking locations.

“We filmed in and around Thirsk for 26 days in August 2010. We filmed in Thirsk, Skipton-on-Swale, Rainton, at Sutton Bank and at many more localities.

“The film was completed last year. It premiered at the Frightfest Film festival at the Empire Leicester Square last August, and has since been screened at over 15 film festivals world wide, including such far flung places such as Brazil and Korea... where the audiences loved the dark humour and the beautiful cinematography.”

Alex himself has been globe-trotting taking the film to the foreign audiences and has been pleased by the response.

“INBRED recently won Best Film at the Grossmann Film Festival in Slovenia and more recently I have been in South Korea. I was kindly invited to represent INBRED there.”

The film played at three sold out screenings and Alex’s Q & A session after one screening lasted a record 55 minutes.

Alex said: “The audience loved the film and laughed loads. The Korean subtitles must have worked!

“We never expected INBRED to be appreciated by such a world wide audience and so it was a complete pleasure to have such a great response”

INBRED is released in this country in the next month or two – closely followed by releases world wide.

More details on the film and the writer can be found at www.inbredmovie.com and www.alexchandon.com.