Brummel-Smith hits big 4-0 exhibition in fine form

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By Graham Chalmers

From the hothouse colours of Cuba to the white light of Italy and the south of France, popular Harrogate artist Tony Brummell-Smith’s latest exhibition is awash with colour - as fans would expect.

It’s his 40th solo show and, as always, its 60-odd paintings in pastel, watercolour and, occasionally, graphite, are based on his annual travels to the Mediterranean and Havana. The sheer warmth of Brummell-Smith’s canvases has always stood out but he’s also a master of shadow and light and watery reflections.

I think it’s his best collection yet. The secret of his success? The combination of an instantly attractive, shimmering whole with a plethora of details to delve into at leisure.

You never get bored looking at a Tony Brummel-Smith painting.

Runs at Granby Road until November 30.

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