Acting dreams put on hold for budding Wetherby child star

Sebastian Elliott-Matthews with his mum Luci. Picture : Adrian Murray
Sebastian Elliott-Matthews with his mum Luci. Picture : Adrian Murray

A Wetherby schoolboy has had to put his dreams of acting on hold after being told his part in the Christmas film Get Santa was no longer needed.

Sebastian Elliott-Matthews, aged nine, has modelled for Aldi and Tesco and was told he had a role in Get Santa, which is currently being filmed near Leeds city centre.

The day before he was due to start filming, however, his agency, Eurokids, phoned his mum Luci and told her he had been dropped from the film.

Luci, 43, said: “We were in Tesco when they phoned and told us that they wouldn’t be using him anymore.

“We were going to take him to filming at 7 o’clock the following morning, we even had our packed lunch ready.

“The poor kid was so disappointed and very upset, and the fact that we had all been so excited about it did not help.

“We only get told whether they have been picked or dumped at the last minute. It’s a pretty cruel industry really.”

Sebastian, who attends Queen Ethelburga’s School in Little Ousewood, has always wanted to act and enjoys performing.

He was due to begin filming on the set of Get Santa - a Christmas film starring Jim Broadbent as Father Christmas - on Monday March 3.

Luci said: “Acting is really what he wants to do, though he loves acting, singing, and dancing.

“His friends were all waiting for it to come to the cinema and they said they would be sitting on the front row when it comes out.

“They were all pretty excited obviously, and the teachers at his school have been talking about it for a while too.

“Now he will have to tell his friends that he will not be in the film.”

Though Sebastian was initially disheartened by the news, his mum says he remains optimistic and hasn’t let it dampen his spirit.

“He was really excited about it, but we are still very proud,” she said.

“We couldn’t believe it actually. We used to laugh and say ‘you will be on the stage one day’, and it could still happen.

“We will just have to wait and see. They could still phone up and say that they need more kids in the film.”

Although he has never done any acting before, Sebastian was the face of Aldi during the Halloween period when he featured in advertisements in their brochures and on posters throughout the store.

He was also one of the models on Tesco’s internet shopping website and on their billboards.

Sebastian is now through the first stage of casting for an advertisement for the ice-cream company Mr Frosty.

If he progresses to the next stage he will feature in the advertisement which is set to run in the UK and Ireland for a year.

Get Santa sees a new side of Father Christmas when he crashes his sleigh into the garage of an unsuspecting family and finds himself on the run from the police.

The film is due to be released on December 5, 2014.