Letter: Who is to blame for budget cuts problem?

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In response to Mark Carney’s letter (April 3), blaming the local council for the savage cuts to our valuable local services, he needs to understand that it is national Government that is to blame, not local Government.

Savage reductions to councils’ budgets, amounting to millions of pounds, year on year, in the name of austerity, have been imposed from Westminster. I am no supporter of the Tory councils in Harrogate and Northallerton, but any cuts to their budget will affect us, the community, whether it be the repair of potholes, footpaths, maintenance of children’s services, care of the elderly and disabled, grass cutting etc. The list is endless but, without the necessary finances, services we take for granted will suffer.

The good news is - our council tax is to be frozen for yet another year! Or is it good news? Not only is national Government cutting their support but so are we. We have all had a cut in our council tax in real terms, while at the same time, demand that our precious services are maintained. Potholes are merely a symptom of the real problem.

Successful local councils are essential if we value where we live. I’m sure we all enjoy our open spaces and floral displays. How long before Harrogate council has to sack it’s gardeners?

Anne Boodt

Jenny Field Drive, Harrogate