Letter: We deserve so much more from train service

Readers' Views
Readers' Views

We deserve so much more

David Taylor’s letter “A frustrating service” (Advertiser March 26) highlights yet again, the difference between a ‘public service’ and a ‘profit centre’.

Both do what it says on the tin but there is an ever-widening chasm between them so far as we milch-cow passengers are concerned.

Too few staff and broken ticket machines, but no chance of boarding the train without an over-priced ticket, sums it up rather well.

Like David, I’m sorry for the railway employees who are in the front line of all this; the throats, around which we would like to get our hands, are nowhere to be found.

This highlights, yet again, the shambolic state of UK public transport - here-today-gone-tomorrow bus services, cattle truck, ineptly named ‘Pacer’ trains and with the supposedly national system operated by more than 100 companies - much the same as the 19th century! “They” might just get away with it, if we didn’t find things to be so much better and cheaper in mainland Europe.

With an election looming, the government have dangled the ‘electrification’ carrot before us; the opposition have dangled nothing.

Am I being unduly cynical in believing that, no matter what happens on May 7, this carrot will end up in yet another tasty public transport casserole, somewhere in London or the Home Counties?

Malcolm Wright

Grove Road