Letter: Tour de France 2014 ‘forced on residents’

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Le Tour - On the other hand...

Well said and congratulations to {http://www.harrogateadvertiser.co.uk/news/letters/letter-tour-de-france-2014-not-welcome-in-harrogate-1-6588996 |P Michel for his letter in last week’s|Click to read} Advertiser on the high level of disruption caused by the so called big wigs, who have forced the Tour De France Cycle race disruptions on to the residents of Harrogate without any consultation with us whatsoever.

A very large percentage of the residents in Harrogate are still in the dark regarding the disruption to their lives on this weekend. Our main concern is, what facilities have been put in place for our residents traveling by car, wanting to carry out their normal activities, when the main public highway, Leeds / Ripon road is closed from 4am to 11pm on the Saturday and Skipton Road from 5am to 2pm on the Sunday.

When looking at the closures, the people in Bilton are virtually prisoners on the Sunday until 2pm. Roads would not be closed for this length of time if the whole Royal Family were coming to Harrogate for the weekend and they would be far more appreciated than cyclists who will zoom past in a matter of seconds, never to be seen again.

Could the Advertiser again publish a full map of the Knaresborough and Harrogate section showing everyone how we can travel and pass across these two main highways.

Quite obviously, we would all expect each area to be closed off up to half an hour each side of the riders passing. What is presently in place is totally unacceptable to the majority of residents, especially in Bilton and the Dutchy area.

Many people have to go to work and cross these road. Are they expected to get up at 4am? And how will they get back home if the road is closed until 11pm on the Saturday.

Did no one consider or think about the loss of business to café’s garages, garden centres supermarkets and DIY stores which are on this road. The residents of Harrogate are sick to the back teeth of the disruption on the grid locked Skipton Road and the Leeds road where we have spent what adds up to hours during the last few months, getting through temporary traffic lights and road works caused by the new M & S food store.

By the way, I am a cyclist and have done up to 100 miles a week in the past.

John Umpleby

Mallinson Way,