Letter: Poignant message on Mothers Day

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On our way home from a bike ride yesterday, my son and I stopped for a breather at the war memorial in Killinghall, where we found an orchid in a box with the words ‘Please take me home and look after me, Happy Mothers Day’

We looked at it and thought we should do as requested, so we took the orchid home and are looking after it, it’s beautiful.

But we are wondering what story is behind this touching gesture.

I always struggle with Mother’s Day after loosing my mum to cancer, but now I have children of my own I am able to celebrate being their mum. But every day I miss my mum and wish she had met her gorgeous grandchildren.

I wonder if the person who left the orchid in Killinghall is going through something similar.

I just wanted to say that we thought your gesture of leaving the orchid was lovely, and even if your mum is no longer with you, you will always have the memories.

Anna Bryer

Manor Road,