Letter: Parking - the menace of lorries and 4x4s

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The menace of lorries and 4x4s

I park my car up on the pavement, though not enough to inconvenience pedestrians. The reason for this being that I live in a narrow residential street, off Cold Bath Road, where there is parking on both sides. On more than one occasion cars, including mine, have been scraped and wing mirrors broken by large delivery trucks which, notwithstanding the lack of space, insist upon driving through.

On one occasion my own car, almost brand new, was off the road for over a week whilst the whole of its side panel was replaced due to one such truck.

Then, every day, twice a day this and all the surrounding streets are invaded by the those who insist upon bringing their little treasures to school in over large vehicles often with questionable driving ability and without any thought for anything other than their own convenience.

SD Smith

Treesdale Road,


Parked cars

Pavement parking can help

In response to the letters regarding cars parking on the pavement, in reality most cars are half on the pavement and half on the road and in narrow streets this is actually very sensible.

I have seen a fire engine unable to get to a house fire due to cars parking fully on the road and having witnessed the panic because the fire engine couldn’t get through. I always park half on the pavement if the road isn’t wide enough.

I know there are the elderly and disabled, people with pushchairs and children. I have a pushchair too but when I see the way some cars park I find myself wondering if a fire engine could get through and I’m sure everyone would be thankful that drivers had parked considerately with this in mind if it was their house the fire engine couldn’t get to.

Clare Smith

Holme on Spalding Moor,


(Harrogate resident for 25 years)