Letter: Knaresborough still a vibrant place to shop locally

Knaresborough shops
Knaresborough shops

I’m writing in response to the article “Council seeks residents’ thoughts on town centre” (published on your website February 27).

Although I no longer live in Knaresborough, it is a place I visit frequently as my parents still live in the town.

I find it is still home to a vibrant High Street and Market Square with a selection of independent shops wider than most high streets and town centres have to offer.

Where I live in North London, although we have a good selection of chain stores on our high street, we are not lucky enough to have the range or number of independent and distinctive shops or cafes that Knaresborough is home to.

We always manage to find somewhere to spend money when we come up! I am not denying that there are problems or that more could be done to attract new businesses, but I do not believe the prospects for the town are as bad as the article’s tone of pessimism suggests.

High streets across the whole country are under immense pressure as a result of changing shopping habits, but I believe Knaresborough has weathered this better than other high streets and still has much to offer residents and tourists.

James Holden

Enfield, London