Letter: Just reinstate old Leeds Road layout

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Readers Views

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Are NYCC Coun Dadd and his officers totally devoid of common sense? Before M&S the traffic on Leeds Road flowed reasonably well. The chevron parking outside the Leeds Road shops worked and the traffic didn’t back up from the Hookstone Road / Leadhall Lane junction to St Mark’s roundabout.

Why not re-instate the road layout that we had then? Two southbound lanes passing Leeds Road shops allowed the chevron parking to function and a third lane by the traffic lights enabled easy turning into Leadhall Lane.

Now we have one southbound lane and a short lane to turn right into Leadhall Lane. Oddly we have two northbound lanes for a few yards yet there is only one northbound lane feeding into it from the traffic lights.

Too simple? Maybe, but it would allow the southbound traffic to flow again, cut the dangerous use of rat runs through Pannal and Burn Bridge out of the town and it would probably increase the trade of all the shops on Leeds Road.

Denis Kaye

Malthouse Lane, Burn Bridge

Leeds Road