Letter: Harrogate hospital - my experience was positive

Harrogate District Hospital
Harrogate District Hospital
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I recently spent seven days as a patient in Harrogate District Hospital. Before I went in my expectations were not great due to the continuous knocking by all the media about the NHS.

My experience was completely opposite to that indicated by the media. My care, treatment and attention could not have been bettered. All the staff from the consultant down to the lady who ensured that I received a cup of tea were magnificent. Everyone had a smile to give and efficiency was not affected by taking time to ensure that patients were properly cared for.

Indeed, my journey started with visits to Eastgate Surgery and my local GP. Again this was an uplifting experience as more than sufficient time was given for my problems to be explained and checked out. On leaving hospital I became extremely angry as every day the media were at it again and again. It’s as if their purpose in life is to take a bad example and amplify every negative thought,word and deed that they can find. Worse still they indicate that the whole of the NHS is as they paint it. The truth is far from this as my experience proves. It is very evident that the staff must be affected by what they read and hear in the media, it must affect their moral but they seem to carry on regardless. Journalists should be made to realise the damage that can be done by using a few ill chosen words.The NHS in Harrogate District is second to none and we should all be so proud of the people working in it.

Reg Marsh


Hookstone Ward