Letter: ‘Council sending negative message with no cycling graffiti’

The 'No Cycling' sign on The Stray
The 'No Cycling' sign on The Stray

As far as I am aware Harrogate is unique in Great Britain in having 200 acres of beautiful open access parkland right in the middle of the town.

That the local council should choose to vandalise this wonderful asset with poorly executed ’no cycling’ graffiti is ridiculous and sends out a dispiriting negative message to residents and visitors alike; and this is in the town which hosted the finish of the first stage of the Tour de France a year ago.

When I cycle on the Stray I use the paths unless there are pedestrians ahead, in which case I move onto the grass in plenty of time giving them a wide berth – easy! The Stray is big enough and robust enough to accommodate everyone and anyone safely.

Conrad Stead

Swarcliffe Road, Harrogate

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