Letter: Burn Bridge is a rat run

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Burn Bridge - A rat run if ever there was one

My sentiments entirely Mr D Simpson (Letters, April 10). There will be no Tour de France coming through Burn Bridge either. Tour de France organisers, please plan to come our way next time.

The state of Burn Bridge Road is totally appalling. Cyclists taking this route take life into their own hands every day. I suspect every vehicle in the land comes through Burn Bridge except the Highways Dept.

True, we have had ‘phantom men’ at some stage painting white markings round our potholes, sadly either running out of paint or maybe a visit to an optician may be an option! The markings are then there so long they are almost invisible and no repairs are tackled. We have double decker buses and coaches for school runs twice daily. The road is not suitable for large vehicles.

At one time we had a weight limit sign at the entrance to the village from the Leeds Road end, but that was flattened years ago, left to rot in the gutter never to be replaced. The Scotts Corner mayhem has accentuated the volume of traffic through the village day by day, wearing out the road surface even more. A rat run if ever there was one.

Mrs PB Peace

Westminster Drive,

Burn Bridge