Letter: Amazing service on Harrogate bus

tis. Harrogate bus station. GS1405082a.
tis. Harrogate bus station. GS1405082a.

Can you top this for great service!

Amazing service

I live and work in London but Harrogate is my home from childhood and I am currently spending a few weeks holiday in Harrogate.

On Sunday, February 9 I decided to go to church in Summerbridge and, having consulted the bus timetable knew I could get a bus at 9.05am from Harrogate bus station.

I arrived in good time. I waited and waited. 9.05am passed, 9.10am, 9.20am and still no bus.

I decided to see where else I might go to church. However, seeing a person at the ‘control room’ in the bus station, I decided to go and enquire what had become of the 9.05am ‘24’ to Pateley Bridge.

It turned out that the bus had had a problem and had not come to the bus station.

I accepted the explanation and expected nothing more. Imagine my surprise when the man I had spoken to phoned the inspector. There was a yet greater surprise.

As the 9.05am had not come to the bus station, they summoned up a replacement bus for me and delivered me to Summerbridge in time for the church service.

People often write about bad news or poor service. I am happy to write about this amazing service that was provided for me.

My friends and colleagues in London will not believe this story! Well done Transdev! Well done Harrogate!

The Rev Jennifer Potter

Mount Street,


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