Letter: Absolute madness to come

Traffic in Harrogate
Traffic in Harrogate

In the November edition of the Harrogate Civic Society newsletter chairman Henry Pankhurst neatly summarises the projected traffic situation on Skipton Road – which is said even now to be the second most congested road outside London – and at last I understand the absolute madness that is coming to Harrogate.

Several housing developments are likely to exacerbate the current state of Skipton Road: there are two sites at Killinghall comprising 122 homes; there are 210 homes near the B6161 roundabout; and at the RUFC ground there will be 126 homes – all of which already have planning consent.

Sites that are more than likely to be developed are the Otley Road, Killinghall site for 135 homes, another 206 homes east of the 210 already approved near the B6161 roundabout, and the 600-dwelling site at Penny Pot Lane. A total of 1,399 new dwellings.

And Tesco will generate 7,000 traffic movements per day.

There will be a series of four roundabouts in quick succession on Skipton Road: travelling east 1) there is the A59/B6161 roundabout and 2) a new roundabout associated with the approved 210-dwelling development near the B6161. 3) there will be a new roundabout for Tesco and finally 4) we have the Little Wonder roundabout. And then there are the long months of disruption while the Tesco superstore is built and part of Skipton Road is reduced to one lane.

It’s an appalling prospect for people who live on or near Skipton Road but, let’s make no mistake, the knock-on effect will be damaging for all of Harrogate – not least on account of the increased levels of pollution that queuing vehicles generate.

Surely it must be time, if possible, for HBC to consider suspending the approval of any more planning applications until the consents already granted are built and occupied, and the Tesco store is taking customers.

Jacky Little

Kent Drive, Harrogate