VIDEO: Huge crowds as Tour de France nears Harrogate

Stage One of the Tour de France is well underway, and massive crowds have gathered in Harrogate town centre as we edge ever closer to the historic stage finish.

Mark Cavendish’s old cycling friend from the Isle of Man has travelled over to support him, boating across to see his sprint finish in Harrogate.

Crescent Gardens in Harrogate

Crescent Gardens in Harrogate

“Good luck you Manx Missile!” He said. “Harrogate is lovely - it’s beautiful I love it here. It’s amazing how much has been done to prepare for the Tour.”

Tour mMkers Helene Barne and Jean Tottie, stationed outside Crescent Gardens, said: “it’s amazing - and even more exciting now the sun’s come out.

“We’re very proud to be a part of it. Everyone is up for being here and seeing something different. It’s brilliant to be a part of it.”