Urgent repairs fund ‘a drop in the ocean’

The state of Ripon's roads has been causing grievance for local residents. (1301084AM9)
The state of Ripon's roads has been causing grievance for local residents. (1301084AM9)

An emergency local authority cash fund used to resurface the city’s battered roads has been dismissed as ‘a drop in the ocean’ by Ripon’s Mayor.

North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) has given every county councillor £25,000 out of a £2m budget to carry out urgent repairs in the city.

But county Coun and Mayor of Ripon Andrew Williams said the five-figure fund is not enough to carry out all emergency repairs needed.

Coun Williams, who is using his money to repair the worst sections of paving on the Holmefield housing estate, said: “The pavements haven’t had anything done to them in decades. It’s in a shocking state.”

Coun Williams added that more areas need urgent repair across his Ripon Moorside ward – but he was limited in how much money he can spend.

“It was an impossible decision to make really. In terms of highways repairs it’s just a drop in the ocean. The roads need thousands of pounds of repairs. I could have spent £250,000 quite frankly.”

County Coun and Ripon city Coun Bernard Bateman is using his money to battle potholes on Spring Bank Meadow, Little Studley Road and Clotherholme Road, where holes in the road have forced residents to pay out for car repairs and caused cyclists to fear for their safety.

Little Studley Road homeowner Bernard White said he only manages to avoid potholes when he goes out on his bike because he knows all the detours. Mr White said: “But what about unsuspecting people travelling through the city?”

Work started on Coun Bateman’s chosen roads on Monday, January 21, with Clotherholme Road now mainly repatched. Coun Bateman highlighted the road as one of his top priorities because it is the site of Ripon Grammar School, Outwood Academy and elderly care homes. Coun Bateman said: “Some more work will be done on the road later on but it is of no urgency at the moment.”

NYCC have also completing carriageway patching and resurfacing work on Allhallowgate, Low St Agnesgate, St Mary Gate and Stonebridgegate, after a nine month delay. Work along these roads is expected to finish today (Thursday).