Solution to Bond End chaos?

Bond End improvements sketch
Bond End improvements sketch
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Knaresborough Councillors say they have come up a solution to the traffic problems at Bond End, and have put forward their proposals to North Yorkshire County Council.

Conservative Councillors, Coun Ivor Fox, Coun John Batt and Coun Phil Ireland are asking North Yorkshire County Council to switch off the traffic lights and create two mini-roundabouts with four filter lanes at the busy junction.

Coun Fox said: “It is a commonly held belief that traffic flows better through Bond End when there is a power cut and the lights are off.

“This is an amended version of that situation, with filter lanes to keep the flow of traffic moving.”

In 2010 tests discovered unacceptably high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at Bond End and the junction has the highest level of air pollution within North Yorkshire.

Coun Fox said: “Knaresborough is a medieval town and Bond End is just not designed to handle the traffic levels of today.

“The road infrastructure in the town needs to be treated in the same way as York and Ripon.”

Bond End resident Brian Robinson developed the idea of widening Ripley Road, which has over 8000 vehicle movements per day, at two points which is included in the proposals.

He said: “This is a Knaresborough issue and it is not going to go away.

“I got so frustrated with people talking about the problem and not doing anything about it so I came up with the idea of widening the road.”

North Yorkshire County Council’s highways department plan to install new MOVA technology to the traffic lights at Bond End in response to 600 houses being given permission at Manse Farm.

However Coun Fox has dismissed these proposals as ‘tweaks’.

“All of Knaresborough is affected by this problem, I think most residents must use the junction at some point.

“Simple tweaks have little worthwhile benefit and it is not the best use of limited money.”

See for a sketch of the proposed junction layout.