Town split over plans to build £10m cinema

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Plans to demolish town centre department store Beales and replace it with a £10million entertainment complex have split opinion in Harrogate.

Last week, the Advertiser exclusively revealed 250 jobs would be created, should Harrogate developer 4Urban’s plans to build a four-screen Curzon cinema and three restaurants gain approval.

Now, readers have contacted us using the many feedback platforms available to have their say.

Matthew Wyatt called the newsdesk and said: “I hope the development is done well, and adds value to the town centre.”

Ian Woodall wrote: “To propose another cinema a few yards across the station bridge is farcical! Where will be the car parking for the new cinema?”

Many readers feel the town is already well equipped with restaurants.

Sheila Broom wrote: “We need three more restaurants like a hole in the head!”

Joyce and David Smith wrote: “The Odeon cinema is a stones throw away and with its several screens and varied events serves the people of Harrogate very well.

“When the lower Parliament Street restaurants are open Harrogate will have more than enough eating places.”

Emma Jack wrote to us: “Harrogate needs a department store to attract visitors. Something to draw the tourists in. Tourists won’t come to Harrogate to eat in yet another restaurant.”

However, there are some championing the proposals.

S Bradley wrote: “I think the new cinema and restaurant complex is a super idea - Any chance of adding a bowling alley?”

Louise Charlton posted on Facebook: “Brilliant idea to put an independent cinema in the town.

“I travel to City Screen in York or Everyman in Leeds to see indie films. However, the town centre doesn’t need more restaurant space. There are too many already.”

One of our registered web users signed in to comment on the web story: “It is something that could sit pretty well in Harrogate; it’s Arthouse Cinema, rather than mainstream.”

W L Hudson suggested an alternative use for the site.

He said: “The site needs to offer something unique which will bring visitors and locals to it so my suggestion would be an ice rink.

“Skating, through television, has more public awareness now so a rink would be a unique addition to the recreational opportunities available in town.”

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