The Probus Club of Bedale

ATt the club's annual general meeting on April 24, Ron Dean, in the chair, asked David Braithwaite, the secretary, to read the minutes of the 2005 AGM, which were approved.

The secretary’s report followed, and then the treasurer, Peter Nattrass gave his report: Bedale Probus had a very good year mainly thanks to the increase in subscription; the members would be relieved to know that the committee had decided there would be no increase this year, despite rising costs.

The treasurer’s report was approved and then the chairman gave his outgoing report and thanked all the officers and helpers for their services, as well as the members for their support.

The chairman, after being thanked by the members, stood down, before the secretary took the chair to introduce, with unanimous support of the committee and members, David Hall as the new chairman for 2006/7.

The new chairman then proceeded with the rest of the appointments as recommended by the committee and endorsed by the members: vice chairman – David Hoult; secretary – David Braithwaite; treasurer – Peter Nattrass; speaker finder – David Hall; outing organiser – David Hoult; luncheon organisers – John Atkinson and Louis Dale; publicity officer – Alan Isbister; picture taker – Malcolm Storm.

The dates of outings will be advised later. This year’s Christmas buffet will be held at BASA on Monday, December 11, and it is hoped that Rachel Greensit will be available on that day to provide refreshment. The Harp Singers from Northallerton will provide the usual Christmas entertainment.

The next meeting will be on Monday when the speaker is Ray Bradley on the offshore oil industry and the stewards are John Atkinson, Larry Campbell and Geoffrey Harrison.