Team Ripon take on the Olympics

Watching the Opening Ceremony on Friday, I kept one eye on Twitter throughout. Some people’s comments were positive; in fact, most of it was glowing. The consensus, as we all know, was that the show was a tremendous success. And while this is wonderful news, it makes for dull Twitter reading. There’s really only so many times you can read “OMG it’s Mr Bean!” while Rowan Atkinson runs down the sands of St Andrews and maintain your interest. Which is why I would like to lay a torrent of praise at the foot of my New Favourite Tweeter – @DJVickyd – who posted during the long wait for Team GB to appear in the parade of the athletes. Moments after the independent Olympic athletes appeared, she wrote “Ripon independents competing in Olympics ??”. In one short sentence, she lifted my Twitter feed and my Olympic Opening Ceremony experience to a new level. Riponian politicians competing in Olympic sports or, better yet, performing in the Opening Ceremony? Maybe a Hornblower-inspired lighting of the Olympic flame with the cauldron in the end of a giant Ripon horn? And then there’s the sports. Perhaps the pancake race could be installed as an Olympic sport? Judging by the photographs in the Gazette in the last few years, the Dean would be favourite for gold. All in all, a sight worth £9bn of anyone’s money
Victoria Prest