Search for a super chef to save Christmas

Christmas Dinner
Christmas Dinner

Wanted - kind hearted volunteer chef to make sure that 90 people in Harrogate have a Christmas day dinner to look forward to.

For the past 30 years the Wesley Chapel in Harrogate has played host to a Christmas meal for lonely people who may not have anywhere else to go.

Now the charitable tradition is in jeopardy as the organisers search for a chef to take on the responsibilty of preparing a turkey dinner for up to 90 people.

“Christmas day can be the loneliest day of the year for so many people,” said one of the organisers Philip Goodwin.

“Cafes are closed, libraries are closed, a lot of the services that people use are closed for Christmas day.

“It is so important to a lot of people, I would be most upset if we had to stop.”

After four years at the helm of the kitchen, the volunteer chefs are unable to work this year leaving Phillip searching for someone to take on the role.

He added: “We feed 90 folks a full three course turkey lunch from a well-equipped five-star certified kitchen, all the food is provided and there are 20 other volunteers to do chores in a happy atmosphere, we just need a chef to take the lead on it all.”

The free dinner, held at the chapel every Christmas since 1984, is organised for people who, through a variety of circumstances, find themselves alone through the festive period.

A volunteer chef plus and assistant is needed to work from 9am to 1pm. Anyone interested should contact Philip on 01423 563990