Ripon TIC in town hall move

Ripon town hall - new home of the TIC.
Ripon town hall - new home of the TIC.
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Ripon Tourist Information Centre (TIC) will be relocated to the town hall as part of an £80,000 scheme to improve services in the city.

The relocation was agreed unanimously by councillors as part of Harrogate Borough Council’s budget for 2013-14 on Thursday, February 14.

The council – which will save £2,500 in funds with the new scheme – is working on proposals to create a Ripon customer access centre in the town hall.

The new access centre will include a Harrogate Borough Council office covering most council facilities with planning and housing, and the TIC – currently on Minster Road – will relocate to the town hall to form part of the new hub.

A spokesman for Harrogate Borough Council said: “This means that facilities for Ripon residents and tourists will be actually improved.”

The council was unable to confirm how the current TIC site will be used following the relocation.

A series of other financial proposals were agreed at the meeting.

Council tax is frozen, and the budget agreement has been reached without any redundancies or front-line service cuts.

Contributions of £200,000 for the Tour de France – which passes through Ripon on the first day of the race in July 2014 before finishing in Harrogate – have also been agreed.

Cash for Le Tour will come from the 2012-13 forecasted underspend. The changes mean the contribution to the working balance stands at £128,600.

The council spokesman added: “Unlike many other local authorities we have made no cuts this year in our financial support to charities.”

The total net budget is £20,935,800.