Ripley village news

Church Service: On Sunday, there will be a Eucharist service in Ripley Church at 10.45am to which all are very welcome. At 9.15am on Tuesday, there will be an end of term service and on Wednesday there will be a Eucharist service at 10am.

Single Pensioners’ Lunches: The next Single Pensioners’ Lunch will be held at the back of Ripley Church at 12.30pm on Thursday. Contact Tina McGrath 01423 779640 or Liz Blaydes 01423 506500.

Ripley Parish Council: A meeting of the parish council was held on Tuesday, June 12.

Report of HBC councillor:

1. Discussions continue on the LDF (Local Development Framework). The sites for developments have not yet been chosen but most of the new building will be in Harrogate and Knaresborough. Three sectors have been identified – NW Harrogate, SW Harrogate and NE Knaresborough. These are the only suitable areas that are not ‘Green Belt’ and the detailed sites will be decided in September. There is a policy not to infill all the land between villages so that each village can retain its own identity.

For the purposes of the LDF, because of its many facilities, Ripley fell into the category B (Large village), which is second only to the A category locations of Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon. However, Ripley is now in a group of locations which could only accommodate 100 per cent small-scale, affordable, housing.

2. Sir Thomas Ingilby reported back on progress with the Bilton to Ripley Cycle Route.

- The slip road to the station is no longer to be used.

- A Pegasus crossing is planned for the A61

- The approach to Ripley will be via Chapel flats.

Sir Thomas reported that all problems with the route have now been solved.

Report of NYCC councillor:

With reference to the planning application, Coun Garnett reminded the parish council that funds are available for community projects. The school garden and development of the outside space at the school could possibly benefit from this.

Reorganisation of local government:

The consultation period closes in July.

County Coun Garnett informed the meeting that Ripley would still have two councillors as now, but they would both be county councillors. However, district councillor Harrison pointed out that the same area now has one county councillor and three district councillors.

Coun Garnett told the meeting that many of the larger stakeholders were in support of the changes and that the county council financial management had been robust over a long period of time and the council was used to delivering services across the whole county.

The parish council thanked the councillors for their updates and now awaits the decisions with interest.

Planning applications:

l The Dower House, Broxholme - erection of a garage

A site meeting was held and the response was sent to Harrogate Council. The parish council neither supports nor objects to the proposal.

l Ripley CE Primary School - erection of a canopy in the playground.

l Ripley CE Primary School - erection of a canopy in the playground. (Listed building consent)

The parish council supports this application

Meetings 2008:

The parish council decided to trial bimonthly meetings, with additional meetings to discuss planning applications as necessary, during 2008.

Advertising in Ripley:

The parish council expressed concern about the plethora of advertising that has been appearing in the village and the length of time it is up.

l Signs have appeared at the roundabouts and in the fields.

l Ripley Parish Council wasn’t notified of the advertising which is now on the roundabouts.

Some advertising appears to be inappropriate, a traffic hazard and even dangerous e.g. individuals dressed as ice-cream cones with signs.

l The Town Hall signs are also too large.

The Parish Council suggested a one month time frame for adverts.

Grass footpaths:

The parish council noted the sponsorship of the two roundabouts by Ripley Castle and Ripley Ice cream. However, the footpaths to the north of the village are not well maintained. Only a narrow strip of grass is cut in order to preserve wildlife habitats but the height of the grass when it is uncut makes paths difficult. Coun George Harrison to write to NYCC Highways asking for the verge to be cut to the edge of the path.


The new Code of Conduct was agreed and accepted by all the parish councillors.

Any other business:

A no-smoking notice was to be put up in the bus shelter on July 1.