Richmond School student Harry becomes one of area’s first apprentice firefighters

Richmond School pupil Harry Allen.
Richmond School pupil Harry Allen.

A student is fanning the flames of success after becoming one of the very first firefighter apprentices.

Richmond School student Harry Allen is one of just five boys and five girls to be selected from 350 applicants to train with Co Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service.

Harry, 17, from Brompton-on-Swale, begins his life of pubic service on Tuesday 2 May after completing his exams.

He is now looking forward to a career of dowsing flames, dealing with hazardous chemicals, rescuing the public from road traffic accidents and stemming water-based emergencies.

Harry, whose uncle is a firefighter, said: “The main thing is that I have a career that keeps me busy.

“One of my friend’s house caught fire when a firework landed on it and my uncle attended the incident and stopped it spreading. I am really looking forward to starting my training.”