Richmond MP grilled by Brompton pupils

Rishi Sunak MP talks to members of Brompton School Council.
Rishi Sunak MP talks to members of Brompton School Council.

Richmond MP Rishi Sunak faced probing questions from pupils during a visit to Brompton Community Primary School, near Northallerton.

The children from all year groups fired a series of queries at the MP during the school assembly and a meeting of the school council.

The questions ranged from whether he was happy with the result of the European referendum vote to how he became an MP and to what he most liked and disliked about the job. There was also a discussion about notions of individual liberty and democracy.

He was also shown around the school by two members of the school council Ruby Cullen and Daniel Boyce. He saw the many improvements to the Station Road premises in recent years which included three new classrooms, renovation of the cloakroom and new PE facilities.

Mr Sunak said: “I was impressed by the thought-provoking questions which raised some very important issues.

“It was most encouraging to see young people interested in how the country is run and learning about how they will be involved in the democratic process when they get older.”

Headteacher Jane Byrne said she was pleased the MP had found the time to visit.

She said: “The pupils were thrilled to meet him and find out about his life at Westminster.”