Race home before baby arrives

Spr Ricky Senior
Spr Ricky Senior

When Spr Ricky Senior leaves PB Clifton for his two weeks of “RnR” leave back in Ripon in early February, he has more reason than most to hope he makes it home quickly.

His leave starts on February 6, and Spr Senior, 26, is desperate to be home by February 8 when his wife Leah, 27, is due to give birth.

The couple are expecting a little girl – a sister for their son Rocco, 2.

“I’m just hoping I get home in time,” Spr Senior said. If he makes it he will have two weeks to spend with his family and the new baby, before flying back to Helmand for the rest of his six month tour.

Spr Senior has spent most of his life in Ripon - attending Greystones Primary and Ripon City School, before joining the Royal Engineers and heading back to the city when his first posting took him to 21 Engineers and Claro Barracks two and half years ago.

“I am missing my family, the same as everyone else, but it’s not like I went into work one day and they announced ‘you’re going away tomorrow’. We built up to it over a year or so.”