Public’s ‘overwhelming generosity’ helps send terminally ill Tadcaster girl to Disneyland

NAWN 1509292AM2 Sonny Lang (22) with her mum Anna. Picture : Adrian Murray. (1509292AM2)
NAWN 1509292AM2 Sonny Lang (22) with her mum Anna. Picture : Adrian Murray. (1509292AM2)

A terminally ill Tadcaster girl has booked her dream holiday to Disneyland thanks to an outpouring of good-will and generosity from ‘kind-hearted individuals’.

After being given the devastating news she is terminally ill, Sonny Lang, 22, decided she wanted to fill her remaining days with ‘as many fun memories as possible’.

One of her closest friends, Bethany Wilson, created a ‘gofundme’ page to try and raise money to fulfil Sonny’s bucket list, which included an incredible trip to Florida.

Sonny’s bravery and positivity captured the hearts of thousands of readers and, as a result of their generosity, she has now booked her dream trip and will be jetting off in November.

More than £9,000 has now been raised on her page and Sonny admitted she’d been left speechless by the amount of kind messages she’d received.

She said: “I’m always surprised by people’s generosity and their well wishes. The messages that my mum and I have received since the article have been truly lovely.

“It means a lot to us that people are supporting us and have thought about us enough to send a message, even people that I don’t know are wishing me well.

“It really keeps me going even if it’s just one person saying one nice thing. I’m definitely starting to realise that I’m more liked that I thought.”

As well as the thousands of pounds pledged for her bucket list, Sonny thanked the hundreds of people who had taken the time to leave her messages of support on Facebook, many of whom she had never met.

After seeing the incredible response to Sonny’s story and on her ‘gofundme’ page, Bethany admitted the reaction had ‘restored her faith in humanity’.

The pair became close friends after meeting more than 10 years ago at Tadcaster Grammar School and Bethany explained that she decided to start the page to ensure Sonny’s remaining time was ‘positive and enjoyable’.

She said: “Sonny’s always been so positive and it sounds cheesy but she really is an inspiration and I’m incredibly proud of her.

“I want her to make as many memories with as many of her close friends and family as possible.

“I’m absolutely over the moon with the response because people have been so generous. You see so much negativity in the news and on Facebook so it’s been amazing to share something so positive from such a negative time.

“She deserves it more than anybody I know and not forgetting her family too. I can’t imagine their heartache but Sonny is so positive and funny, she makes it hard for you to be sad.”

Visit Sonny’s Go Fund Me page on https://www,