Prize time reward for kids of netball mums

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Children of netball players benefitted from a prize won by Ripon City Netball Club.

The club won a Ripon Leisure Centre competition to win an hour of sports hall time but decided to use it reward the children belonging to the women of RCNC.

Head Coach Helen Mackenzie said: “Every Sunday we play our fixtures and the children come along to watch their mum – they sit on the benches along the sideline and cheer for City.

“Some are babies and are entertained by the older children, others play with toys and cars and books on the sports hall floor. They all share with each other and are brilliantly behaved. We decided they deserved a party!”

Kirsteen Dixon who, with Mackenzie, runs AceKidz on a Saturday morning set about the planning.

“We wanted to include lots of fun activities that would raise their heart rates, games that needed a bit of thought as well as some traditional games like Pass the Parcel.”

The party was a huge success with nearly 40 children in attendance. Leisure Centre staff Miles and Emily kept the younger children occupied with the bouncy castle while Mackenzie and Dixon led the fun and frolics which included relays, parachute games and SAQ.

When the hour was up everyone traipsed upstairs where a magnificent spread had been laid on by newly acclaimed Freeman of the City Sylvia Grice MBE – much of which was also enjoyed by the adults.

Each child left with a party bag and it was decided that this must become an annual event in Ripon City’s Calendar.

Alice Scurr, mum to Sophie and Charlotte said: “My two have been looking forward to this for weeks – they deserve it for all the hours they spend on the sidelines while I play.”

Kirsteen Dixon said: “Our club creates opportunities for mums to be good role models to their children by participating in regular exercise.

“It was a pleasure to be able to give them something in return. Huge thanks to Ripon Leisure Centre for giving us the opportunity to reward our youngsters.”