POWER CUT - Shops and bars closed on busiest shopping days of the year

HARROGATE was brought to a standstill this afternoon (Saturday) after a power cut hit the town.

Many of the town’s shops, restaurant and bars were forced to close on what is the busiest shopping day of the year.

Harrogate Theatre had to be evacuated mid-performance and the Odeon cinema closed its doors.

The electricty was also down at Harrogate rugby club, Claro Road, for their game against Westoe. And Asda’s fridges were also out of action.

Nearly 20,000 homes and properties were hit by the power cut.

Traffic lights were also out, causing chaos on some of the roads.

Some mobile phone network providers were also down.

Several people were also stuck in lifts across the town and had to be rescued by the fire service.

Reports are linking the powercut to a fire at an electricity substation in the Jennyfields area of Harrogate.

Another report said that a road had collapsed, causing the power cut.

One shopper, Paul Bowden of Providence Terrace, said: “It was crazy. I’d gone into Harrogate to do some Christmas shopping but the town was dark and the shops were closed. We tried to get some food but none of the places we went to could cook anything and then the bars started closing as well.”

Another Harrogate resident, Marjorie Mills, of North Park Road, said: “I hope the electricity comes back on soon, I can’t cook anything and I don’t want to miss the Strictly Come Dancing final tonight.”

The electricity provider says it is working at restoring all power as soon as possible.

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