Portas Pilot - help city’s bid for Mary

Retail guru Mary Portas
Retail guru Mary Portas

Retail tsar Mary Portas could be lending Ripon a helping hand.

GRIP – Greater Ripon Improvement Partnership – has put in a bid to become a Portas Pilot, and if it is successful could bring £100,000 to the city.

Ripon’s bid is competing against more than 300 other market towns and cities across the UK be one of the 12 winning bids sharing more than £1million and advice from Mary Portas. But to get there it needs your help. Ripon’ submission has been uploaded along with the others to YouTube, and each time someone views it climbs further up the league table. Judith Donovan, CBE, GRIP chairwoman said: “It has brought everyone together, to create an imaginative, unusual bid. Let’s hope the judges see it that way!”

Ripon’s Portas Pilot bid on YouTube