Rotary lose car parking income

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Knaresborough Rotary Club have said they are ‘disapointed’ by a decision by Harrogate Borough Council to stop them fundraising through the Waterside car parks.

For over 20 years the club have staffed the car parks in summer months, splitting the proceeds with the council.

This year raised £1,809.40 for charitable projects through the agreement.

Rotary Club president, Brian Souter, said: “Everyone quite enjoys doing it. It’s greeting people and haveing a chat when they arrive, it’s PR for Knaresborough.”

This summer 2616 tickets were sold and under the arrangement Harrogate Borough Council received £2,899.40 whilst the Rotary Club received £1,809.40.

The decision to end the long running agreement to was taken by CounAlan Skidmore, cabinet member for planning, transport and economic development.

Mr Souter said: “It’s disapointing the person who made the decision wasn’t a Knaresborough councillor.

“As far as we are aware no Knaresborough councillors had any say on the matter.”

The Rotary Club say they think the council’s income will actually be less without the arrangement.

Mr Souter said: “There are no spaces marked out so as less cars will be parked and the council will have to pay a traffic warden to check the site regularly.

“When the council last removed the arrangement from the Rotary Club, in 2000, they came back the following year because their income was substantially less.”

The Rotary Club will continue to colelct funds from the wishing well at the Waterside.