Reporting back Anne McIntosh, MP for Thirk and Malton

Skell Bridge at the Water Rat Pub, Ripon. Picture submitted by Pete Colman. (S)
Skell Bridge at the Water Rat Pub, Ripon. Picture submitted by Pete Colman. (S)

The recent extreme wet weather has caused many problems for communities across North Yorkshire.

North Yorkshire County Council has almost the largest miles of roads and number of bridges in the country and these have suffered extensive damage.

The Council is seeking to apply under the Bellwin formula for Government Funding to assist with the repair work. Both the Moreton on Swale and Skipton on Swale bridges were closed for some time.

Flood damage to homes, property and land is very damaging and often means huge upheaval and expense as the water is drained and property, land and possessions are lost or damaged, or needing to be repaired or replaced.

Part of the route between Linton-on-Ouse and Newton-on-Ouse collapsed when the River Ouse burst its banks and we now learn that repairs may take about two months to complete.

This is a huge blow to local residents and business owners and I have already made contact with North Yorkshire County Council to see what can be done.

For farmers, the harvest has come late. The potato crop has all but been washed out. The high costs of feed and fuel costs put ever increasing stress on farm resources, farm incomes and ultimately impacts upon our food security.

We look to the Draft Water Bill for assistance with managing our water and to offer practical preventative measures and solutions to prevent water from becoming a problem, rather than the precious resource it is.

The Bill may help to increase resilience to future flooding and I am delighted that the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee, which I Chair, will be scrutinising the Bill.

Improved responsible and sustainable abstraction, flood defences and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems can all play a part in managing water responsibly and ensuring our communities are kept safe.