RAF welcome for Olympic athletes

RAF volunteers from RAF Leeming were among RAF crews flying the flag for Team GB during their Welcoming Ceremony at the Olympic Athletes Village.

As hundreds of athletes and staff looked on, Senior Aircraftsman Liam Morley raised the red, white and blue British colours as Corporal Claire Taylor hoisted the Olympic flag.

The ceremony, led by Dame Tessa Jowell, included entertainment from the UK National Youth Theatre, marking Team GB’s official entry to the Village on Tuesday, July 24

Cpl Paul Goodfellow, 27, from Gateshead and serving at RAF Leeming, was one of the eight personnel who greeted the British athletes. “It’s been a privilege to help welcome athletes and we felt incredibly proud to take part in the special greeting for Team GB, the atmosphere was electric. ”

Sqd Ldr Peter Lilly, a reservist from Driffield, and RAF Leeming’s Community Careers Liaison Officer, was an Air Electronics Operator on the RAF Search & Rescue force. He is also heavily involved with RAF Rugby Union and puts his wide-ranging knowledge in sports medicine to extensive use.

It is from this expertise that he was selected by LOCOG to be the Water Polo Doping Control Venue Manager.

Sqn Ldr Lilly has been working in the Olympic Village since mid-June, and will return to Leeming in September. Before leaving for the Olympic Village, he said: “It’s going to be busy, but it’s going to be good!”