Kerbside collections under fire

From left, Vine Terrace residents Judith Southcombe, Ray Harrison, Sarah Brightmore and Keith Brightmore. (Marcus Corazzi)
From left, Vine Terrace residents Judith Southcombe, Ray Harrison, Sarah Brightmore and Keith Brightmore. (Marcus Corazzi)

Householders on a street in Boroughbridge have hit out at new wheelie bin kerbside collections amid concerns for health and safety.

People living on Vine Terrace in the town have been made to carry their rubbish through their houses and down garden steps since a council shift to collecting rubbish in wheelie bins from the front of their homes.

Prior to the change, residents left their rubbish on Valuation Lane behind their houses, from where their bin bags would be collected.

Judith Southcombe, of Vine Terrace, said, “It was particularly bad on hotter days when the rubbish began to smell. Carting your smelly bin bags through the house is not only annoying, but it is also unhygienic.

“There are also elderly people who live on this street, so asking them to carry their rubbish through their house and down the garden steps is unfair.”

Concerns have also been raised about placing the wheelie bins at the kerbside because they cause an obstruction to pedestrians walking along the street.

Mrs Southcombe added: “I have had at least one person approach me to tell me that the placement of the bins are causing them difficulty when they are walking down the street.”

Mrs Southcombe’s neighbours have also expressed their frustration at the situation.

Sarah Brightmore added: “We would be prepared to make a compromise to make it a little easier for people living on the street. However nothing has been laid on the table yet.”

After residents pressed the council for action, Coun Robert Windass and a Harrogate Borough Council officer from Waste and Environmental Services met with locals to discuss their concerns regarding the new rubbish collection rule. A Harrogate Borough Council spokesman said: “Normally we would expect all refuse and recycling to be presented at the kerbside unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed with the waste team at Harrogate Borough Council.

“As a consequence, a revised collection point was agreed and has been started.”

Kerbside collections have also been criticised by Ripon resident Mike Relton, 63 of Oak Road.

He said: “We are not provided with lids for the recycling boxes, and because 
they are left out on the kerbside, they are open to the elements.

“It means that rubbish is blown all over the street when it’s windy. The nearby car park looks like a skip.”