Heating help for council tenants in Richmond

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COUNCIL tenants in Richmond are being offered extra help to keep them warm and safe.

Richmondshire District Council is setting up a free servicing programme for solid fuel heating systems and coal fires.

But to be sure records are up-to-date it needs residents to register their heating system on the council’s database.

“We are asking all tenants whose properties currently have either a solid fuel heating system or coal fire to let us know,” said Coun Peter Wood, member for housing.

“We will then log this information to set up a free servicing programme to improve the safety and management of this type of heating system – now and in the future.”

All council tenants were asked through the August edition of the authority’s ‘Grapevine’ newsletter to let the council know if they had solid fuel or a coal fire.

However officers are concerned that some people have not responded so is calling on everyone – particularly friends and families of the elderly – to make sure that they are registered.

To register a council-owned property with a solid fuel or coal fire contact Fiona Close on 01748 828723 or Colin Eales on 01748 828721.