ELECTION 2014: Ripon candidates in full

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Meet the candidates standing for election on May 22.

On Thursday, May 22, elections will take place to decide seats on Harrogate Borough Council and for Yorkshire’s seats on the European Parliament.

The deadline for registering to vote has now passed.

A total of 19 seats on Harrogate Borough Council are being contested.

Further details on the elections can be found at: http://www.harrogate.gov.uk/elec/Pages/Elections-2014.aspx

The Ripon Gazette team will be on hand on results day, Thursday May 23 to bring you the news, first.

The team will operate a live blog and bring readers the first interviews with successful candidates online.

Harrogate candidates can be seen by clicking here

Headshots of individual candidates are available in our newspapers, editions May 8 and 15.


Elizabeth Margaret Barclay (Green)

“Elizabeth has lived on Ure Bank Top since 1984, working as a registered nurse until 2006.

“Now a great grandmother she is very family orientated. With the schools concentrated on the other side of Ripon she points out that there is no public transport for the children. This also impacts on the older generation as there is a lack of local public services on the north side of the City.

“Elizabeth feels that planning and coordination is the key to a resilient community.

“She has led a campaign for a new road for Ure Bank to provide the industrial area and holiday park with a suitable access to the businesses, alleviating the residential area of commercial traffic and providing safer and a less polluted environment.

“Elizabeth opposes the Local Plan for Ripon which only provides for yet more housing and not a well thought out developments.”

Vivienne Graham (Lab)

“I have lived in Ripon for the last 3 years but have been a regular visitor since 2004. I am mum to 2 grown up children and I work for a small company in Ripon.

“If I am elected I will work to serve the local community by putting forward their views on the Council and striving to make local decision-making more democratic and transparent. In turn I will consult residents and keep them informed.

“Ripon is a great place to live because of its history and location and I would ensure wherever and whenever possible to improve and care for the environment in our lovely City.”

Sid Hawke (Ind)

“My background is one of Ripon through and through having been born and educated here. I attended the cathedral school now called the academy.

“During my normal working day I meet many people this will help me greatly in hearing about your concerns and dealing quickly with your problems you may have.

“I can promise you that if I am elected. I will work as hard as I can for the good of Ripon and its people by devoting 100 per cent of my time to delivering action not words.”

Stuart Andrew Martin (Con)

“I am seeking your support to help re-elect me. I work as a firefighter and my wife April is a community nurse, we both work and have raised our family in the Ripon area.

“Before choosing who your elected representative should be, could I suggest you consider what that person has done for the community they seek to represent? I believe my record of achievements will stand against any other candidate. I have helped deliver community projects such as Ripon Community House, the new Guide H.Q. a safe crossing outside every school in Ripon.

“I was honored with an MBE for this and other services to Ripon which hopefully demonstrates my full commitment to the City.

“I spoke up for residents when they had concerns over safety of a proposed development at the Auction Mart Site.

“I pledge if re-elected I will continue to work and speak up for Ripon.”


Jeremy Maxwell Banyard (Ukip)

“My wife, Christine, and I have lived in Ripon for the past eight-and-a-half years, and I have worked in the city for over 11 years.

“I came to know Ripon well after being elected to the City Council in 2007, and ever since I have been involved with many groups in the City, from Fair Trade to Friends of Spa Gardens, and Swimming For Ripon to the Ripon and District Safer Neighbourhoods Group. I am a founder member of the Ripon Armed Forces Day committee and a member of the Ripon REA.

“In my spare time I look after my wife who has dementia, and our five pet owls, which we often display at village fairs or community events. I am a church organist and churchwarden and have in the past enjoyed singing with Ripon Choral Society.”

Pauline McHardy (Ind)

“I was born and bred in Ripon and I am married with one daughter and two grandchildren, and I have worked as a nurse at Ripon Hospital for over 40 years.

“I have served as an Independent member of Ripon City Council since 2007 and also served a 4-year term on Harrogate Borough Council - both for the Minster Ward of Ripon. I am also a governor of Greystone School and a trustee of Ripon Citizens’ Advice Bureau and a local representative for the Royal College of Nursing.

“I do not believe that party politics are needed at local level, especially with the changing political allegiances that are so prevalent today, and I believe that much more can be achieved for the people of Ripon by sticking to my principles and seeking election as an independent.”

Nick Murray (Lab)

“Nick has lived in Ripon for 17 years. He is married with 3 children and he and his family are actively involved with Holy Trinity Church Ripon. Nick says: “Ripon is a great place to live and raise a family. We love living here but families are worse off as a result of the coalition Government’s cuts, work doesn’t pay and the most vulnerable people in society are seeing the services they rely on disappearing to pay for tax cuts for those earning more than £150,000 per year. Voting Labour will bring greater fairness to our government both locally and in Europe.”

Mick Stanley (Con)

“Local elections should ensure you get the right person locally so that your voice is heard on the issues that affect you and your community.

“My record as a City Councillor is one of service and commitment to the local community.

“I always speak out when matters effect the City’s residents whether as a ward Councillor, or as Mayor of the City.

“I have worked to secure funding for the new skate park, and funds for a new swimming pool. I chair the Ripon City Plan committee which is looking for the first time at how the City might develop from 2015 to 2030, and we now have a chance to make Ripon a better place.

“A vote for me is a vote for Ripon’s future, and I ask for your support in these elections to enable me to look after Ripon’s interests for the next 4 years as a District Councillor.”


Alan Henderson (Ukip)

“My wife Kate and I have lived and worked in the area for over 20 years, we have two children at the Grammar school.

“I have over 30+ years of business management experience from apprentice to chief executive and have worked with some of the world’s largest corporations, globally, from Rolls Royce to AIG, from the Financial Services Authority to Scarborough Building Society and many more.

“Whilst we live in one of the most desirable parts of the UK, there is still much to do redress the situation and to improve our local healthcare, schools and services generally.

“The rise in number of the local population has seen a vast increase in demands on our already stretched council budgets, when we need to prioritise key issues, such as repairing the potholes in our roads, rather than paying for translators!”

Andrew James Murday (Lab)

“I moved to Ripon in 2009 and continue to work in Ripon and now live in Nidderdale. As a semi-retired doctor I take a particular interest in healthcare and social policy.

“I am keen to promote Ripon and its economy on the Harrogate Borough Council and have been shocked to see how little contact there is between the current councillors and the people they represent.

“Most people in Ripon cannot even name their local representatives. They only appear at election time. I will not be that kind of councillor.”

Alan Francis Skidmore (Con)

“For the past four years I have been privileged to represent Spa ward on HBC and by collaborating with like minded colleagues, we have achieved a number of successes on behalf of Ripon.

“For the past five years, without cuts in services, the district council’s tax has been frozen and we are determined on a further freeze in 2016. Every resident has benefitted from this policy.

“Funding has been achieved for new facilities for the youth of the city.

“New jobs have been created by working with employers such as Econ and Bill Plant with more to come from the Aldi development.

“We have opposed unrealistic housing devlopment in the city and we have not, as has been suggested by another party, spent a penny piece on employing translators.

“A job still remains to be done. If re-elected, I and the Conservative team, will bring a bigger share of the district’s cake to our city.

“I will be very grateful for your support.”