Calls to improve appearance of Ripon’s Market Place

elg. Ripon Market Square for Etc Magazine. 100607AR1pic6.
elg. Ripon Market Square for Etc Magazine. 100607AR1pic6.

Coun Adrian Morgan (Ind) has called on Ripon City Council to improve the visual appearance of the Market Place.

The councillor was speaking at the Finance and General Purpose Meeting on Monday, July 29, and claimed that the Town Hall, Telephone Box and Cabman’s Shelter all needed improving.

However, the council clerk confirmed that the only money that had been earmarked for the improvement was in next year’s budget, not this years.

Coun Morgan said: “Since I was elected as a councillor, I have been going around town looking at Ripon as others might see it, not as somebody who has lived here for a number of years.

“The Market Place is not looking its best, particularly the front of the Town Hall. The Cabman’s Shelter is leaking and the telephone box is looking particularly shabby.”

Both Coun Sid Hawke (Ind) and Coun Stuart Martin (Cons) agreed that it was the council’s responsbility for maintaining those assets and they ‘needed to take that responsibility seriously’.

The council voted to look into costings for the improvements.