Plans for 450 Ripon homes could be ahead of schedule

Site of 450 potential homes in Ripon
Site of 450 potential homes in Ripon

Developers planning to build 450 homes in Ripon have completed their Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) months ahead of schedule.

Chesire-based Gladman Developments had initially planned to submit an application for 450 homes on the edge of Ripon but were ordered to carry out an EIA.

Councillors in Ripon had advised the developers that they should spend one year completing the EIA, however it was submitted to Harrogate Borough Council on April 19.

Coun Peter Horton has admitted the council are worried about the timing of admission but believes it’s quick composition will lead it to be recommended for refusal.

He said: “They have not taken a year as we asked for and have produced a huge Lever Arch File full of information.

“I think that they are trying to blind us with science but we will be holding a public meeting of our action group again to oppose it.

“The last information that I had was that there was not enough information in there and that it would be recommended for refusal by the planning committee. However that might not still be the case when a decision is taken.

“It’s a very worrying time but one of the things we are looking at is trying to get a professional planning consultant in, if we can raise the necessary funds.”

Gladman’s application is proposing a residential development of up to 450 houses, informal public open space, children’s play areas and two vehicular access points from West Lane and an associated ancillary development.

In the EIA, Gladman Developments said the design principles will deliver a high quality, sustainable development which will respect the visual amenities of the wider landscape setting.

The scheme will also be ‘visually attractive’, retaining and enhancing the existing vegetation structures and providing an integrated network of public open spaces.

Concerns have already been raised by members of the public on the planning website about the application, with residents objecting to the damaging impact it will have.

Coun Horton also warned that if the plans for all proposed developments go ahead, Ripon will have an 18 year’s supply worth of houses.

He said: “In May 2013, the government said we needed 390 homes across the district and Ripon would need eight per cent of that.

“However, the government threw that out and said it was inadequate but that’s what’s made it open season.

“They think we need 621 across the district, so 50 a year, but there could be 915 houses coming to Ripon which is an 18 year supply.”

Gladman Developments did not supply a comment when approached.