WATCH: ‘Harrogate Road’ sign officially unveiled in South Korea capital

Official unveiling of Harrogate road sign in Seoul (s)
Official unveiling of Harrogate road sign in Seoul (s)

A new road in the capital city of South Korea has been officialy unveiled as ‘Harrogate Road’ to mark the continued links between the two councils.

The ‘Harrogate Road’ sign was officially unveiled yesterday in Seoul to mark the strenghtening of ties between KR Ali Taekwondo Academy, Harrogate Borough Council and Dubong Council.

Following ongoing links between the two councils, Dubong Council announced they would name their new road ‘Harrogate Road’ in honor of the friendship.

Master Kambiz R. Ali 6th Dan, founder of the Harrogate based K.R Ali Taekwondo Academy, travelled to the ceremony on Wednesday which was watched by more than 50 people.

As well as creating interest in Harrogate, the story also created interest in the Seould media with a local tv news channel covering the story in a video which you can watch below.

Local Seoul media reports on opening of ‘Harrogate Road’